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Okay, just wanted to mention I also have a real blog, which is more like a life-blog.. This page is more like a news section.. whenever I build a new site, I will mention it here, but if you want to read about what I do in my spare time besides building webstes.. go to my blog..
My Blog


Let me first introduce myself.. I am 33 years of age, I live in Eindhoven, the Netherlands with my girlfriend Claire, our bird (= Agapornis Roseicollis) and dog (= Cane Corso). I am a software engineer, I currently work at an energy-reseller here in Holland.
I will probably be writing separate pages about my dog and bird soon, probably no page about Claire, because she would feel a little exposed :D

I have a couple of hobby's, I like to grow cold-hardy palms like for example Trachycarpus fortunei, I also like to grow hot peppers like the habanero and jalapeno, and offcourse cooking with and eating those hot peppers is a part of that hobby.!
I also like to write programs in almost any language there is.. currently I am coding in and c#, as a little entertainment for myself I'm also building a little game using XNA!
The problem with me is that I have WAY to many hobbies, I need to choose which potential hobby I will be investing my free time in, because if I had endless time I would still never get bored. :)

my dog Gijs.. he's a Cane Corso